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The goal of is to provide healthcare professionals with videos showing gratitude to them to help motivate and encourage them. To further this effort, any video you choose to upload will become property of this site and if the video meets our criteria, will be sent with others to healthcare professionals worldwide without discrimination. We reserve the right to use your video to promote this site and effort, while maintaining the strictest standards of privacy.

Where does my video go when I upload it?

Your video will be stored securely and privately in a third party cloud storage service (An S3 like service) which can only be accessed by administrators of After editing, your video will be included with others and made accessible to healthcare professionals worldwide to view (and brighten their day).

What information is uploaded with my video?

Only the date and time of the upload. Depending on your device, your video may contain EXIF data. All EXIF data will be stripped from all videos during the editing process.

What information do you collect about users of the site?

Nothing at the moment. However, for statistical purposes, an analytics service similar to Google Analytics may be employed at a future time. Tools to mitigate abuse may also be added, which could potentially store IP addresses, date and time of access, and usage behavior. If collected, this information will be private and protected, and at no time will be sold or used by any other service outside of

Can I remove my video once it’s uploaded?

Maybe. Since the videos don’t have any link to a name or email address, tracking down what video you uploaded would be tricky, but drop a message at [email protected] if you’re concerned and we can give it a try. Please include the filename of your video, that would make it some easier.

What if I upload the wrong/embarrassing/etc video?

All videos are previewed by administrators. Any video that doesn’t fit the criteria of a “thank you” to healthcare workers will be permanently deleted.